THE void

To find ourselves in a gap, a relentless hole inside us, determine our human existence. We are responsible for our difficulties, their magnitude and how to face the relation we establish with it. That opens an enormous path to the imaginary. To deal with the unknown and infinity of the emptiness, which is like a pit without water, have to produce us a seasickness and dizziness feeling. And if we don't know what has to fill it, to cover it up is not an easy task. The physical laws and of the reasoning may not be useful to handle a situation where part of our being, tangible or intangible, is incomplete. EL BUIT (THE EMPTINESS) is a show where vertigo plays in our favor, taking advantage of the risk to investigate on us, in our fears and doubts, to obtain the beauty that will close this hole, or at least to make it smaller. A voyage in movement, where the visual wealth of Anna LLenas’s book has allowed us to create a piece of unique poetic language which reveals this ephemeral world of the emotions, passions and feelings.

Sergi Ots - Director



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